Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

When you are rich and successful you can fulfill all your dreams and desires. Some people tend to stay humble and do not wish for “the stars”.
On the other hand you have people who would spend their entire fortune just to get something they want.

One of them is Floyd Mayweather who is one of the richest sportsmen in the world and he definitely doesn’t afraid to show it.
He is ready to spend we can freely say an absurd amount of money just to buy something that he already has. And he doesn’t have only one item, he has a lot of them.
Floyd is a typical man when it comes to cars, because as we all know majority of men are obsessed with them.

So he is not an exception, so that’s why he decided to spend almost 5 million dollars on a single car. Yes, you’ve read it well, on a car.
In case you didn’t know, he wants to buy the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita which is one of only 3 of this kind and it looks pretty futuristic and something you can imagine Batman would buy for his collection.
This car is definitely not something you would buy when you want to go to the store or take your children to school.

People who are fans of Floyd already know that he simply adores cars, it’s like they are his passion, so it is not surprising that he decided to buy another one for his collection.
After all he is one of the richest sportsmen in the world, so he can buy whatever he wants.

He already owns a Porsche, Lamborghini, multiple Bugattis and Ferraris and in case you didn’t know he also owns Gulfstream jet.