UAE opens first indoor golf facility

UAE opens first indoor golf facility

For the fans of golf, this is going to be an amazing news, because besides outdoors, you will be able to play golf indoors.

To show you how this idea is really amazing and successful , we will tell you that Performance Golf, the United Arab Emirates first premier indoor golf facility, opened in November, last year, is already achieving so much success.

Their golf facility also features HD Golf simulators. This facility combines state of art technology and also world class coaching, which will help all the members and fans of golf to take their game to the highest level.

Besides these amazing features, they also have integrated training aids, including diagnostic tools for shot analysis, weight transfer and balance, video swing analysis and motion analysis.

Like we mentioned above Performance golf is here to help their golfers, and help them improve their game, and, of course, have fun while playing it.

It doesn't matter if you are a professional, or an amateur, if you have a perfect swing, or if you want to lower your handicap, whatever the " problem " is, their instructors are here to help all of you.

Performance Golf is great for both professionals and amateurs because they have great conditions for the skilled ones, and on the other hand amateurs will be able to the discover the joy of the game.

So whether you want to simply improve your golf skills, practice or learn something new, the idea of indoor golf facility is really amazing.