Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Bubba Watson is an elite golfer. However, even an elite golfer needs a wakeup call every now and then. That is exactly what Watson received. The only odd thing was this wakeup call came from Watson’s young son who is just starting to fully walk and talk. 

Watson’s son created a video where he gave his dad numerous pointers about his game playing and how he can become better. This, of course, comes from Watson’s son watching the game from practically the day he was born. He never gets tired of it, and he will always keep up with the game. 

Bubba Watson is truly taking this video serious. He is not just sitting back and thinking of this video as a joke. Rather, he is listening to every word and trying to see how to make his game better for his son’s sake.

Watson’s son has made it very clear that this video was made for his dad to win the championship. Watson’s son desires this more than anything in the world. Watson is also encouraging his son to make more videos to show his creative and knowledgeable side of the game. 

Watson would also like to see sons and daughters of other golfers make videos like this. This will make the entire family get involved in this game, and this will make golfers happier everywhere. Watson also believes that there are things children can see that adults cannot. A simple strategy given from a child can change the entire game for everyone. \