What to know about Penny Oleksiak and Taylor Madison Ruck

What to know about Penny Oleksiak and Taylor Madison Ruck

The Olympic Games is where the best of the best meet to test their skills. Where age does not matter, only the ambition, and the aggressive spirit of the athletes, it is always an honor to represent one’s country on the world’s stage like the Olympic Games. Penny Oleksiak and Taylor Madison Ruck are Canadian women swimmers and won the first two medals for their country. Their medals ended a period spanning two decades of no medals in Canadian women swimming.

Penny Oleksiak

Oleksiak won a bronze medal in the women’s 4X100 and 4X200 meters freestyle relay. Oleksiak had more up her sleeve by winning a silver medal in the women’s 100 meter butterfly the day after and a gold medal in the 100 meter freestyle. As the Olympic Games came to a close on August 21, 2016, the Canadian Olympic Committee announced that Penny Oleksiak was to be the Canadian flag-bearer for the Rio Olympic Games closing ceremony, 2016.

Taylor Madison Ruck

Ruck won two bronze medals in the women’s 4X100 meter and 4X200 meter freestyle relay. During the 2015 world junior swimming championships, she won six medals, three gold medals in the 100 meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle and the 4X100 meter freestyle relay. Ruck was almost left out of the Canadian women’s swimming team due to bronchitis and did not initially qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio. Ruck’s parents moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, USA when she was barely a year old. She has never changed her citizenship and tours Canada visiting friends and family. She was ecstatic to represent Canada at the Olympics.

The two Canadian swimmers are among the first ever Olympians to have been born in the year 2000, making them two of the youngest competitors in the Rio Olympic Games. At just 16 years of age each, they have an illustrious career ahead of them.