University of Florida, Sports

University of Florida, Sports

The University of Florida is the best place in the US, for college sports. Theirs athletic department revenue is $130 million, average home football attendance is 87.420 viewers, basketball attendance is the 10.600, NCAA championship score is 39.

This University is so good for students that like sports that many young people who choose this University, choose it because of the sports, so 4 of 5 students are on some team or they play some sport here. Their teams are nicknamed “Florida Gators", and they are competing in the NCAA (division 1) and in the SEC (Southeastern Conference). Many sports are supported, such as football, basketball, baseball, swimming, golf, lacrosse, tennis and many others!

The budget for the 2013-2014 school year was more than $100 million, and in 2015-2016 school year will be $110 million! These guys are serious about sports, one student even said ‘’we are so into sports, that we bleed blood in the colors of our team, literally’’. The Florida Gators won 23 of 26 SEC All sports trophies (1987-2014).

They are the only program who finishes among top ten in each all-sports standings, and the only SEC school, which placed 100 or more students on the Academic Honor Roll, in the last 15 years.
This University has more than 330.000 alumni, a total of 57.000 dues-playing members.

Their alumni can be found in the every US state and in more than 100 foreign countries across the world. Alumni of this University accounts for: 10 U.S Senators, 40 U.S representatives, 11 state governors, multiple Nobel Prize winners, many state court judges and many federal court judges.