Seton Hall Pirates Taking Lead

Seton Hall Pirates Taking Lead

The Seton Hall Pirates couldn’t make headlines for the last few years with mediocre wins. The last time the Pirates managed to start the conference play with two major wins in a row was in 2000. Suddenly, they have grabbed the attention of every basketball fan across the nation!

Seton Hall is an unexpected name among the top teams. Since 2005, Seton Hall had done little to get noticed. Then, out of nowhere, the Pirates caught their first glimpse of spotlight in a major New Year’s Eve upset when Seton Hall beat No. 15 St John’s.

The unrecognized basketball team wasn’t done yet. Only four days after their win over St John’s, the Pirates snatched success from No. 6 Villanova in an intense match. They ended the game 66-61 in overtime.

The Pirates are now the college basketball world with 12-2 overall and an amazing 2-0 in the East.

With the recent upsets, Seton Hall will be launched into the top 25 – a position they have not had since the 2011-2012 season. Things are looking up for this team. Eamonn Brennan from ESPN commented on Seton Hall’s unique start of the season, saying, “No team in college basketball had a better or more important start to the conference season. It isn't even close.”

Even with the incredible beginning, sports commentators worry that the Pirates may not be able to keep up their lead. Eamonn recognized that the Pirates have improved impressively over last season, but Seton Hall has not been a big name in College basketball for many years. Is this the season Seton Hall will turn its luck around?