How to Lose Weight for College Football

How to Lose Weight for College Football

Want to play football in college but think you're too unfit? Or do you just tend to pile on the pounds during breaks to hamper your season? Follow these useful tips to work your way to fighting shape for the grueling college football

Be meticulous when planning the diet
Controlling key aspects of your diet is very important to get fit on a schedule. If you're overweight, you naturally need to reduce your fat intake, but also, make sure you eat smaller portions and reduce the overall calories consumed. If you're inclined to, go the whole yard and consult a nutritionist.     

Follow the right workout mix
For a footballer, losing weight has to coincide with maintaining adequate muscle mass. Strength training on a regular basis is crucial to this process. Also, burst-sprints in your workout are an ideal way to lose weight quickly while building the strength in your legs.

Plan your regimen for the breaks
Too often, players start working on their weight too late into the new season or during training camp. The only right time start doing this is during your break or off-season. The idea is to be fully fit to fully exploit the training, and be in your best condition for the start of the season. 

These simple tips could be the key to maintain your best shape and playing a dream season.