Baylor Set To Unleash Their 405-Pound Offensive Lineman

Baylor Set To Unleash Their 405-Pound Offensive Lineman

Baylor is officially ready to destroy big 12 with their 405 pound offensive lineman, LaQuan McGowan. McGowan, a fifth year senior at Baylor, practiced exclusively at a lineman position and he even managed to make another big catch in Baylor’s Friday Night Lights scrimmage.

Baylor’s coach, Art Briles, has made no attempt to hide the fact that he will be unleashing their offensive lineman, McGowan, a player whom he has nicknamed “The Annihilator.”

"I don't have to worry about what I say about him because no one else has got anybody like him," said Briles. "He's a unique football player in the United States with his combination of size and athletic skill.

"He's going to be a dominant player. Not just a guy who jogs out on the field and does his job. He's going to be dominant in what we ask him to do."

McGowan is not your typical “fat guy”. In addition to that, he did not get his 400 plus pounds by eating down lots of pizzas, in fact, he participated in a number of events including basketball and discuss throwing.

Kaz Kazadi, Baylor’s strength and conditioning coach, describes McGowan as “extremely lean,” adding that his typical meal includes two to three chicken breasts, rice, salad and some green beans.   Unlike other

“There's always green on the plate,” he said.

He goes on to state that the problem is weight training. Every time McGowan has been put on an intense lifting program, he has ended up gaining weight and almost reaching 440 pounds. The pounds came off when he stopped the training. That said he has benched as much as 480 pounds and has not lifted any weights in more than one year.